Luxury Redefined

sonniarenaSoRen Tea is a luxury lifestyle brand with a gourmet selection of blended, loose teas. Established in 2011 by sisters Sonnia Shields and Rena Williams, SoRen Tea is one of the first fashion-forward lines of loose leaf teas. The brand has received a tremendous amount of local and national press. In its first year of business, SoRen Tea was invested in by Oscar nominated actress Taraji P. Henson.

From traveling throughout Europe and experiencing tea at the finest establishments, Sonnia and Rena fell in love with the tradition of afternoon tea. They both enjoy sitting in a luxurious environment with friends while sipping tea and discussing hot topics. As entrepreneurs and tea lovers, they used their experiences to shape the vision for SoRen Tea. In 2008, Sonnia and Rena attended the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas to build their network and become better acclimated to the tea industry. It was here that they recognized the potential for new business opportunities within the growing tea industry in the U.S. Incorporating their zeal for opulence and luxury, Sonnia and Rena’s collective vision for the company is to provide a luxurious and unique tea experience.

Each SoRen Tea blend is full of bold and rich flavors. “Our exotic blends were created to appeal to different palates and are meant to be a conversation starter themselves.” says Sonnia. All of the blends are organic and are recommended to be served without adding sweetener. Sonnia and Rena aimed to create a unique gift item that would appeal to different cultures. They worked with designers to come up with the perfect tin and label design that would wow their customers. Each tin has a distinctive floral design with foil stamped labeling. The gold SoRen Tea logo pops on the top of the lid. 

SoRen Tea was created to complement other luxury brands and to be sold in high end boutiques, spas, gift shops, department stores, cafés and restaurants. Sonnia and Rena studied different fashion brands while building the SoRen Tea brand. The tea names are inspired by fashion and are so intriguing, that anyone would want to try them. “We wanted our tins to make a fashion statement!” says Rena. Since launching in 2011, SoRen Tea has hosted several tea bar experiences at boutiques, art galleries, department stores and bridal events in the city of Atlanta and New York. “We love to see ladies shopping and sipping tea, it creates such a fun and social atmosphere.” says Rena. The company is now focusing on expanding their events sector to partner with prominent organizations in major U.S. cities.

The SoRen Tea mission is to “celebrate life through tea”. Sonnia and Rena encourage the SoRen Tea fans to slow down, sip some tea and appreciate life’s everyday luxuries! It’s more than tea, it’s a lifestyle!